Wrap Up story and reflection on this years program…

I am so thankful to have been a part of the Christmas Gifts of Hope program this year. With the support of so many we helped 116 local families and 275 local children with Christmas assistance. We also supported families in Princeton representing 100 children and 40 teens, as well as families displaced from Merritt.

“This is so important, especially for single moms especially when Christmas comes, you’ve got to pay bills and usually you’re behind on bills because of the other months and struggling, this just takes a massive pressure off me. I know every year there’s amazing toys here.”

Michelle, Christmas Gifts of Hope Family

All this was possible through partnerships with our community. From toy drives, held by churches, schools, Stutters DKI and Neighbors Pub, to the Angel Trees at Walmart, people gave generously to ensure children woke up Christmas morning to something special.

Once the toys were collected, we were able to set up a toy distribution centre at Lakeview Heights Baptist Church. A big thanks to Jeff, Kevin, Chris and their congregants who opened their doors and made us all feel welcome. The sanctuary was transformed into a real ‘Toy Shop’ where parents could choose gifts for their children. All this was possible with the support of 38 volunteers giving 253 hours of their time!

``This is an excellent way to help out the community, I just love seeing everybody’s face when they come in.``

Wynn Trumpour, Christmas Gifts of Hope Volunteer

So many people cam together to support the Christmas Gifts of Hope and their community. It was truly a beautiful thing. God is good!

– Christine Pomfrey, Pathway of Hope Caseworker