At the Salvation Army, we are honoured to accept all donations brought to us. Each donation we receive is an encouragement to the work we are entrusted to do with those who experience some type of vulnerability in our community.  As one of our values that is held closely, we steward each donation to the place it is intended for and put to best use.

Sometimes this is a can of soup with a pull tab lid for those without a can opener, sometimes it is a bigger box of granola bars for a single parent with many children, sometimes it is offering support where otherwise there might not be any.

We thank you graciously for your generosity and as we continue to grow and expand our reach in giving hope today.

There are many ways to donate to The Salvation Army Renew Church & Community Ministries – Serving West Kelowna, Westbank and Peachland.

  • We accept
    • Cash & cheques
    • Debit and credit donations
    • Donations made online (Donate button on the homepage or donations page)
    • Food, clothing (seasonal if possible) and other miscellaneous items


If you would like to make a donation to the Salvation Army Renew Church and Community Ministries please click here

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*All donations made to The Salvation Army Renew Church and Community Ministries support programs and services in West Kelowna, Westbank and Peachland.*