Rob & Jennifer Henson

Officers/Pastors, The Salvation Army Renew Church & Community Ministries

There are lots of words to describe Jen: wife – mother – tea lover – teacher – pastor – yogi – friend – gardener – dream chaser – documentary watcher – kombucha maker – thrift store shopper…but the one word she hopes most describes her life is disciple. A disciple is someone who imitates Christ and her daily prayer is that God’s Holy Spirit will empower and transform her to be more like Christ. Jennifer and her family moved to West Kelowna in July 2017 when she and her husband, Rob, were appointed by The Salvation Army to plant a church and be the Corps Officers in our community. In these beginning days, they are intentionally focused on discipleship by hosting groups for men, women and kids who want to journey deeper with Jesus and one another.

Rob loves sports, music, new adventures and being with people! His hobbies include playing the guitar, being in the outdoors, and finding bargains in the thrift store! He loves a chance to get out on the water in a kayak, but instead usually ends up being at the hockey rink watching one of his boys playing the good ‘ol hockey game. Rob is also passionate about growing in his relationship with Jesus and journeying with others as they do the same.

If you are interested in knowing more, please get in touch with us.

Lindsey Payler

Youth Coordinator, The Salvation Army Renew Church

Lindsey Payler is another addition to our growing ministry team here in West Kelowna. She has moved across the country to join us as our NEW Youth Coordinator, a job that she believes she has been called to during this season of life. Lindsey has a love for God, a passion for working with youth and has a variety of different experiences; youth group, teen youth group, camping ministries, community programs etc. She’s proud to say she recently graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation Degree, and plans to put that to good use in her youth programs. Either in tears or laughter, working with youth can be trying but there is a special joy Lindsey finds in those hills and valleys, and she looks forward to journey together with our youth and families. God works in incredible ways and witnessing first hand the power He creates in our youth is what keeps Lindsey going. 

Creative, organized chaos, joy, new adventures, loud or quiet, laughing, inspired, trusting, silly, courageous and a little weird, are all words Lindsey would use to describe herself. In her time here thus far Lindsey can often be found dreaming about the future of Youth Ministries in our church and community. However when not at work, Lindsey spends her time exploring, reading, watching tv, in different creative outlets (photography, music, painting, DIY etc.) and enjoying new experiences. If you asked Lindsey a few fun facts she would tell you… 

Favourite Colour(s); Purple and Green

Favourite Season; Fall

Dogs or Cats; [Loves] Dogs

If you were a tree, what kind would you be? A Maple Tree

Sabine Simpson

Administrative Assistant,

The Salvation Army Renew Church and Community Ministry

Sabine desires to see Christ glorified in her life and in the ministries where she serves. Born in Germany and raised in Vancouver, BC, she is extremely pleased to call West Kelowna home. She graduated with honours from the Executive Office Administrator Program at Sprott Shaw College and her friendly smile greets you as you enter our doors.

In addition, she is passionate about exercising, healthy eating, and giving tender loving care to her American Cocker Spaniel, Joey. Sabine enjoys sunshine, camping, baking, and spending time with family.

Sabine says,” I love being part of the Renew Church and Community Ministries team because of the great work that happens here. It is a privilege to serve the community through the administrative duties that I have, and I love how I get to meet so many amazing people in our community.”